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獵魔旅店 獵魔旅店 RPG ADV Indie Game Original Award Imperial Skies | Simplified Chinese 悬空城 RPG Strategy City of Forever 7 Days (Early Access) | Japanese City of Forever 7 Days (Early Access) | Japanese RPG ADV Bishōjo Turn-based Story Rich Night Agent | Simplified Chinese 王牌御史 RPG ADV Action Adapted from Anime/Manga Crusaders Quest | Simplified Chinese 克鲁赛德战记 RPG Raising Sims Pixel Crusaders Quest Novenia | Simplified Chinese 诺文尼亚 RPG Match 3 Bright Memory Mobile Bright Memory Mobile RPG Action FPS Paid Games Reverse Time: Today I'm Still Forced to Save the World | Traditional Chinese 時逆:今天也在被迫拯救世界 RPG Raising Sims ADV Strategy Bishōjo Reverse Time 3D Pascal's Wager: Annunciation Pascal's Wager RPG Action
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