A total of 17 games

Shining Beyond 聖光之約 RPG Idle Card Roguelike Unknown Future 黑潮之上 Strategy Card Bishōjo Turn-based Roguelike Cube Card Lite Cube Card Lite Card ADV Puzzle Roguelike Fast-Paced Dungeon Crawl CthluhuDream クトゥルフと夢の階段 RPG Card Turn-based Roguelike Cthulhu Rogue Adventure Rogue Adventure Strategy Card ADV Roguelike Turn-based Pixel RPG 古今江湖:奇想江湖 古今江湖:奇想江湖 ADV Strategy Card Roguelike Void Tyrant Void Tyrant Roguelike Indie Game Card Dungeon Faster Dungeon Faster Turn-based Strategy Roguelike Card Heroes' Journey Heroes' Journey Roguelike Card ADV RPG RogueJack RogueJack ADV Card Pixel Dungeon Crawl Roguelike Retro Gambit Dungeon:Pixel Card Game Gambit Dungeon:Pixel Card Game ADV Card Pixel Dungeon Crawl Roguelike Phantom Rose ファントムローズ Strategy Card PC Roguelike   Changan Fantasy 长安幻世绘 RPG Card Roguelike   Fate contract Fate contract RPG ADV Idle Casual Strategy Card MMORPG Turn-based Dungeon Crawl Roguelike Lost In The Night 迷失之夜 Strategy Card Roguelike Horaku no Carneades 崩落のCARNEADES RPG Card Roguelike
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