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Dead Cells | Simplified Chinese Dead Cells | Simplified Chinese Action Roguelike Soul Knight | Global Soul Knight | Global Action STG Indie Game Pixel Dungeon Crawl Roguelike 2D Gumballs & Dungeons Gumballs & Dungeons RPG Strategy Turn-based Roguelike Undestroyed : Shadow ARPG Undestroyed : Shadow ARPG RPG Casual Roguelike Elemental Dungeon | Global Elemental Dungeon | Global RPG ADV Strategy PvP Dungeon Crawl Roguelike Otherworld Legends 戰魂銘人 Action Pixel Roguelike Phantom Rose Scarlet Phantom Rose Scarlet RPG ADV Card Indie Game Bishōjo Roguelike Fantasy Dark fantasy Elona | Global Elona | Global RPG Pixel Roguelike Wizard Legend: Fighting Master Wizard Legend: Fighting Master Action Roguelike COSMO PLAYER Z COSMO PLAYER Z Action STG Indie Game Bishōjo Roguelike The Ring of Soul The Ring of Soul ADV Strategy Card Roguelike HungerTower HungerTower-The most casual strategy fighting RPG Roguelike Action RPG ROGUELIKE PRINCESS! ROGUELIKE PRINCESS! RPG ADV Bishōjo Turn-based Pixel Dungeon Crawl Roguelike Fast-Paced Elemental Dungeon | English Elemental Dungeon | English RPG Action Strategy Indie Game Pixel Roguelike Goddess of Attack: Descent of the Goddess Goddess of Attack: Descent of the Goddess RPG Pixel Roguelike Cube Card Lite Cube Card Lite Card ADV Puzzle Roguelike Fast-Paced Dungeon Crawl CthluhuDream クトゥルフと夢の階段 RPG Card Turn-based Roguelike Cthulhu Brave Dungeon Brave Dungeon RPG Idle Roguelike Dungeon of Gods Dungeon of Gods RPG Action Roguelike The Way Home The Way Home RPG Action Pixel Roguelike Indie Game
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