A total of 26 games

The Witch's House 魔女の家 ADV Horror Escape Puzzle Suspense Gore Story Rich Mashiro Witch – Midnight Marchen | Japanese ましろウィッチ Gore Turn-based School Bishōjo RPG UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game Zombie Survival Gore PvP STG Co-Op Simulation FPS Action Horror Haipy Haipy ADV Action Escape Casual Running Indie Game Pixel Gore 2D Retro Thousands of Blades, Princess of Peach 千の刃濤、桃花染の皇姫 体験版 Visual Novel ADV Gore Violent Bishōjo Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Strategy Gore Puzzle Suspense Horror Horror Show Horror Show Battle Royale Escape Survival Gore Action Horror Yabatanien Yabatanien ADV Escape Puzzle Pixel Gore Violent Slashy Camp Slashy Camp Action Horror Strategy Arcade Gore Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way ADV Gore Puzzle Action Horror SAS: Zombie Assault 4 SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Zombie Survival Gore STG Co-Op Action Violent RPG 神鬼奇航M:幽靈海 神鬼奇航M ADV Fantasy Gore Disney Violent RPG Alice’s Warped Wonderland Alice’s Warped Wonderland ADV Horror Escape Suspense Visual Novel Story Rich 3D Gore Hopeless 2: Cave Escape Hopeless 2: Cave Escape Gore STG Action ADV RETSNOM RETSNOM ADV Puzzle Pixel Gore 2D Zombie The Wake The Wake ADV Puzzle Indie Game Pixel Healing Emotional Atmospheric Gore 2D Story Rich 探偵撲滅 探偵撲滅 Simulation ADV Voiced Dialogues Puzzle Suspense PS NS Gore Story Rich   Corpse party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear Corpse party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear ADV Horror Voiced Dialogues Suspense Pixel PS NS Gore   Iwaihime 祝姫 ADV Horror Bishōjo School PC Visual Novel Ryukishi07 Gore Violent Story Rich   幻想牢獄のカレイドスコープ 幻想牢獄のカレイドスコープ Suspense Bishōjo PS NS Visual Novel Gore Story Rich  
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