A total of 31 games

Robot Construction R RCR -ロボット コンストラクション R- Strategy Mecha PvP Simulation Girls' Frontline | Korean 소녀전선 Strategy Mecha Girls' Frontline Bishōjo RPG Girls' Frontline | Japanese Girls' Frontline | Japanese RPG Strategy Voiced Dialogues Bishōjo Girls' Frontline Mecha Girls' Frontline | English Girls' Frontline Strategy Mecha Girls' Frontline Voiced Dialogues Bishōjo RPG StraStella StraStella RPG Simulation Strategy Bishōjo Turn-based Turn-based tactics Mecha Space Master of Eternity(MOE) | Global Master of Eternity(MOE) RPG Strategy Bishōjo Turn-based tactics Mecha WarLocksZ | Japanese 【新作】ウォーロックスZ RPG Strategy Bishōjo Turn-based Turn-based tactics Mecha Goddess Kiss 女神にキスを〜Goddess Kiss〜 Strategy Bishōjo Mecha Girls' Frontline | Traditional Chinese 少女前線 Girls' Frontline RPG Strategy Bishōjo Girls' Frontline Mecha Girls and Panzer | Traditional Chinese 少女與戰車 戰車道大作戰! RPG Simulation Strategy Adapted from Anime/Manga Bishōjo Mecha
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