A total of 31 games

Soukou Musume 装甲娘 RPG Simulation Strategy Voiced Dialogues Bishōjo Mecha 2D Story Rich Real-time Little Battlers Experience Final Gear | Traditional Chinese Final Gear | Traditional Chinese Action Strategy STG Bishōjo Mecha Final Gear | Japanese Final Gear | Japanese Action Strategy STG Bishōjo Mecha Girls and Panzer | Japanese Girls and Panzer | Japanese RPG Simulation Strategy Adapted from Anime/Manga Bishōjo Mecha BuildTopia 堡垒前线:破坏与创造 Strategy Battle Royale Mecha 3D STG Action War Robots War Robots Strategy Mecha PvP STG Real-time Action Transformers: Earth Wars TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Strategy Mecha ZOIDS WILD ゾイドワイルド Strategy Mecha Action Simulation WarLocksZ | Traditional Chinese 魔法軍團Z-創新自由組裝機械人大戰 RPG Simulation Raising Sims Strategy Voiced Dialogues Bishōjo Turn-based PvP Turn-based tactics Mecha 3D Girls' Frontline | Simplified Chinese Girls' Frontline | Simplified Chinese RPG Strategy Bishōjo Girls' Frontline Mecha Ark of War: Republic Ark of War: Republic Strategy Mecha Adapted from Anime/Manga PvP Space Real-time Master of Eternity(MOE) | Korean 마스터 오브 이터니티 Strategy Mecha Turn-based 3D Bishōjo Turn-based tactics RPG Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade Strategy Mecha 3D STG Space Action Pixel HAGANE Girl's Tank War HAGANE Girl's Tank War Strategy Mecha Simulation Battle Divas: Slay Mecha | Simplified Chinese 战场英雄物语 RPG Strategy Bishōjo PvP Turn-based tactics Mecha Girls Catharsis ガールズカタルシス Strategy Mecha Action Bishōjo RPG Star Drill Tank Star Drill Tank Strategy Mecha PvP Path of War Path of War Strategy Mecha ガールズカタルシス | 韓国語版 걸스워즈M Strategy Mecha Action Bishōjo RPG 마법군단Z 마법군단Z Strategy Mecha 3D Bishōjo RPG
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