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Sengoku Asuka ZERO | English Sengoku Asuka ZERO Strategy Sengoku period Bishōjo RPG Sengoku Asuka ZERO | Japanese Sengoku Asuka ZERO | Japanese RPG Strategy Adapted from Anime/Manga Bishōjo Sengoku period Sengoku Taiga 戦国大河 - 天下統一シミュレーション Strategy Sengoku period Simulation Warlords of Sengoku | Taiwan 霸王之野望 Strategy Simulation Sengoku period RPG Nobunaga's Ambition 201X 信長の野望 201X Strategy Sengoku period Simulation Nobunaga's Ambition~Our Sengoku~ 信長の野望 〜俺たちの戦国〜 Strategy Historical Simulation Real-time Sengoku period Warlords of Sengoku | Japanese 獅子の如く~戦国覇王戦記~ Strategy Historical Simulation Sengoku period RPG Warlords of Sengoku | HK & MO 霸王之野望(港澳版) Strategy Sengoku period RPG Warlords of Sengoku | Korean 전란: 천하쟁패 Strategy Sengoku period RPG 信長の野望・創造 戦国立志伝 信長の野望・創造 戦国立志伝 3D Strategy Sengoku period Historical 信長の野望・創造 with パワーアップキット 信長の野望・創造 with パワーアップキット 3D Strategy Sengoku period Historical Sengoku Yaraideka 戦国やらいでか -乱舞伝- Strategy Guild Battle Three Kingdoms Simulation Real-time Sengoku period Sengoku Wasawasa Joint Warfare 戦国WASAWASA合戦 Strategy Tower Defense Sengoku period 戦国天武 戦国天武 Raising Sims Strategy Card Guild Battle Historical Sengoku period Action RPG Sengoku's Tiger Z 戦国の虎Zㅁ Strategy Fantasy Voiced Dialogues Sengoku period Turn-based tactics Sengoku Chronicle 戦国クロニクル Strategy Historical PvP Tower Defense Sengoku period 英雄大戰 iHero Battle:Rush your Heroes to Victory 英雄大戰 iHero Battle:Rush your Heroes to Victory Strategy Three Kingdoms Historical PvP Sengoku period サイコロ戦国伝 サイコロ戦国伝 Strategy Sengoku period Historical Simulation Ninja Village Lite 【体験版】合戦!!にんじゃ村 Lite Strategy Business Simulation Sengoku period Pixel Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Strategy Sengoku period PC  
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