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The Last Crown | Simplified Chinese 最终王冠 Strategy Raising Sims Voiced Dialogues Turn-based 3D Bishōjo RPG Rogue Adventure Rogue Adventure Strategy Card ADV Roguelike Turn-based Pixel RPG 漢家江湖 汉家江湖 Strategy Turn-based Indie Game Open World RPG Master of Eternity(MOE) | Korean 마스터 오브 이터니티 Strategy Mecha Turn-based 3D Bishōjo Turn-based tactics RPG The Furious Yama | Simplified Chinese 大王不高兴 Raising Sims Strategy ADV Fantasy Turn-based Action Bishōjo RPG Moonlight Knight - LunachroR Returns ムーンライトナイツ - LunachroR Returns Turn-based Strategy ADV RPG Chain Strike Chain Strike™ Strategy ADV PvP Turn-based Turn-based tactics RPG Flame Dragon Knights Flame Dragon Knights FDK (Official) - Strategy Turn-based Strategy PvP TRPG Pocket Troops: Strategy RPG Pocket Troops: Strategy RPG Strategy Turn-based STG Action RPG Granvilier 遥かなる異郷 グランヴィリア Turn-based Strategy Real-time RPG Sangokushi 12 三國志12 Turn-based Strategy Three Kingdoms Simulation RIVAl ARENA VS ライバルアリーナVS 【実力勝負の真カードバトル】 Turn-based Strategy PvP Heroes of War Magic. Turn-based strategy Heroes of War Magic. Turn-based strategy Turn-based Strategy RPG Braveland Heroes Braveland Heroes Strategy ADV Turn-based Turn-based tactics RPG Dungeon Faster Dungeon Faster Turn-based Strategy Roguelike Card Heroes Magic War Heroes Magic War Strategy Turn-based Revenant’s Dogma RPG レヴナントドグマ - KEMCO Strategy Fantasy ADV Turn-based RPG 戦・三国志バトル 戦・三国志バトル Simulation Business Strategy Turn-based Three Kingdoms Real-time Brawl Troopers Brawl Troopers Turn-based Strategy STG Action Fury Turn Fury Turn Action Strategy Turn-based Apocalyptic fiction
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