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Tobacco Inc. (Cigarette Inc.) 香烟 株式会社 (Tobacco Inc.) Strategy Indie Game Business Simulation ForgeCraft ForgeCraft - Idle Tycoon. Crafting Business Game. Strategy Business Simulation Idle Harbor Tycoon Idle Harbor Tycoon - Incremental Clicker Game Strategy Business Simulation Ninja Village Lite 【体験版】合戦!!にんじゃ村 Lite Strategy Business Simulation Sengoku period Pixel Restaurant Legend Cooking Tycoon Restaurant Legend Cooking Tycoon Strategy Idle Casual Business Simulation 俺の大航海と回転寿司 俺の大航海と回転寿司 Strategy Business ADV Zombie Zoo Say Ho ZombieZooSayHo - 방치형 시뮬레이션 게임 Strategy Zombie Survival Business Simulation Pixel 桃太郎電鐵~昭和平成令和也是經典〜 桃太郎電鉄~昭和平成令和も定番!~ Simulation Business Casual Strategy NS   ゴーゴーモーモー GUILD DESTROYER ゴーゴーモーモー GUILD DESTROYER Strategy Business 戦国村を作ろう2 戦国武将と戦い天下統一を目指せ!稲刈り・バトルで城下町育成 戦国村を作ろう2 戦国武将と戦い天下統一を目指せ!稲刈り・バトルで城下町育成 Simulation Business Strategy King of Avalon: Dragon War | Multiplayer Strategy King of Avalon: Dragon War | Multiplayer Strategy Raising Sims Strategy ADV Fantasy Business PvP Real-time Tower Defense Gundam Conquest Gundam Conquest Business Strategy Mobile Suit Gundam Cuisine Dimension | Japanese Cuisine Dimension | Japanese RPG Business Strategy Bishōjo AKB48 Cherry Bay Blaze | Simplified Chinese AKB48 Cherry Bay Blaze | Simplified Chinese Business Rhythm Raising Sims Strategy Idol Inn of Heroes 勇者客棧 RPG Simulation Business Strategy Guardian Project | Simplified Chinese 超次元大海战 Business Raising Sims Strategy Card Bishōjo ロードオブナイツ ロードオブナイツ Raising Sims Strategy Business Cuisine Dimension | Korean 요리차원 RPG Business Strategy Bishōjo
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