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Three Kingdom Blade | Korean 삼국블레이드 Strategy Three Kingdoms Historical Action RPG Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade | Japanese Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade | Japanese Strategy Historical Three Kingdom: Conquer 三国烈覇(サンゴクレッパ) Strategy Three Kingdoms Simulation Historical RPG Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade | Korean Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade | Korean RPG Simulation Strategy Historical Naval Creed:Warships Naval Creed:Warships Strategy STG Historical Simulation DomiNations | English DomiNations Strategy Business PvP Space Historical Last Senkan with Lovely Girls 最終戦艦 with ラブリーガールズ Strategy Voiced Dialogues 3D Historical Bishōjo Nobunaga's Ambition~Our Sengoku~ 信長の野望 〜俺たちの戦国〜 Strategy Historical Simulation Real-time Sengoku period 진삼국대전 진삼국대전 Strategy Three Kingdoms Historical Simulation Armor Blitz Armor Blitz Strategy World War II Historical Bishōjo RPG Warlords of Sengoku | Japanese 獅子の如く~戦国覇王戦記~ Strategy Historical Simulation Sengoku period RPG The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Strategy PvP Simulation Real-time Historical 信長の野望・創造 戦国立志伝 信長の野望・創造 戦国立志伝 3D Strategy Sengoku period Historical 삼국지 인사이드 삼국지 인사이드 Strategy Three Kingdoms Historical Sangoku Hime Princess Defense 三極姫DEFENCE Raising Sims Strategy Three Kingdoms Tower Defense Historical Bishōjo 信長の野望・創造 with パワーアップキット 信長の野望・創造 with パワーアップキット 3D Strategy Sengoku period Historical Heroes please help me 神將幫幫忙 Raising Sims Strategy ADV Three Kingdoms Historical Bishōjo RPG 三国志演義 三国志演義 Strategy Card Three Kingdoms 3D Historical 戦国天武 戦国天武 Raising Sims Strategy Card Guild Battle Historical Sengoku period Action RPG Sengoku Chronicle 戦国クロニクル Strategy Historical PvP Tower Defense Sengoku period
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