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霸王之野望(zh-TW) 霸王之野望 RPG Strategy Sengoku Release date:未定 Gundam Network Taisen ガンダムネットワーク大戦 Strategy Anime PC Web Game Release date:Unspecified Lost Archive ロストアーカイブ Strategy Card Versus Release date:2019 COUNTER: SIDE 카운터사이드 RPG Action Strategy Release date:2019 Song of Time (JP) 時の歌-終焉なきソナタ- RPG Strategy Release date:Summer 2019 GRANATHA Reborn GRANATHA Reborn Strategy Card Kawaii Release date:2019 Summer Sengoku Girls 戦国少女~戦場に舞う姫たち~ Strategy Kawaii Sengoku Release date:2019/08 Auto Chess(zh-CN) 多多自走棋 Strategy DotA Auto Chess Release date:2019-06 War Dolls アッシュアームズ‐灰燼戦線‐ RPG Strategy Kawaii Release date:2019 De:Lithe De:Lithe(ディライズ) ~忘却の真王と盟約の天使~ RPG Strategy Release date:Fall 2019 Cybercell: Flux Cybercell: Flux RPG Strategy Card Turn-based Release date:End of August 2018 CryptoNinja CryptoNinja Simulation Strategy Release date:2018年6月 HEIR OF LIGHT 光を継ぐ者 RPG Strategy Release date:2018年3月 Zold:out Zold:out RPG Strategy Release date:2018年5月 桜降る代に決闘を 桜降る代に決闘を Strategy Card Board Release date:2018年春 MAJESTIA MAJESTIA(마제스티아) Strategy Release date:2017 Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™ Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™ Strategy Game of Thrones Release date:2019
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