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Dice Heroes Dice Heroes RPG ADV Strategy Haze of War Haze of War Survival Strategy Apocalyptic fiction WEREWOLVES UNTAMED WEREWOLVES UNTAMED Strategy Card Board Game The Last Armed Girl | Japanese The Last Armed Girl | Japanese RPG ADV Strategy Card Bishōjo Ayakashi Kindergarten | Japanese version あやかし幼稚園 | 日本語版 ADV Casual Strategy Kawaii Release date:2021年5月20日 Realm Odyssey 境界奧德賽 RPG Strategy Bishōjo   The Legend of Heroes The Legend of Heroes Strategy Card 死神:羈絆之刃 | 繁中版 死神:羈絆之刃 | 繁中版 RPG Action Strategy Adapted from Anime/Manga BLEACH 陰陽師:妖怪小班 | 簡中版 陰陽師:妖怪小班 | 簡中版 Casual Kawaii Strategy   Alchemy stars Alchemy stars RPG Strategy Card Bishōjo Fantasy Release date: 拂曉:勝利之刻 | 簡中版 拂曉:勝利之刻 | 簡中版 RPG Raising Sims Strategy   Dungeon of Despair | Japanese Dungeon of Despair | Japanese RPG Strategy PvP Pixel Dungeon Crawl Roguelike The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War Strategy The Lord of the Rings   Storia | Simplified Chinese 那些需要守护的 RPG Strategy Bishōjo Tower Defense   Hypnos 修普诺斯Hypnos Strategy Cyberpunk   逆向坍塌:麵包房行動 逆向坍塌:麵包房行動 RPG Strategy Girls' Frontline   Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud 少前:云图计划 Strategy Girls' Frontline Roguelike   少前2:追放 少前2:追放 Strategy STG Girls' Frontline Turn-based tactics   Spin Arena Spin Arena Casual Strategy PvP   League of Legends Manager 英雄联盟电竞经理 Simulation Strategy LOL Release date:Unspecified
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