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FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper | Japanese FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Raising Sims Strategy ADV Fantasy Final Fantasy Pixel RPG METAL SLUG ATTACK METAL SLUG ATTACK Strategy Action Pixel Hoshiribe:Phantom Ancient Tower Hoshiribe:Phantom Ancient Tower RPG Raising Sims ADV Strategy Card Kingdom Seven Flags Kingdom Seven Flags RPG Simulation Strategy Adapted from Anime/Manga PvP Warring States period Kingdom Chromatic Souls クロマティックソウル Turn-based Strategy ADV RPG Monster Company モンスターカンパニーVer.5 - 超インフレ放置ゲーム Simulation Business Raising Sims Idle Strategy Indie Game Bishōjo Dr. Mario World Dr. Mario World Strategy Casual Puzzle Please Look at Me GO! Please Look at Me GO! Casual Strategy Puzzle Bishōjo Makai Wars | Traditional Chinese 魔界大戰 Strategy Disgaea Simulation Turn-based tactics RPG Lord of Dice | Global Lord of Dice | Global RPG Raising Sims Strategy Voiced Dialogues PvP Co-Op Guild Battle Unison League | Global Unison League | Global RPG Action Strategy MMORPG PvP Co-Op yarikomi Guild Battle Real-time Sengoku Asuka ZERO | English Sengoku Asuka ZERO Strategy Sengoku period Bishōjo RPG GeGeGe no Kitarō Bakemono Sensou GeGeGe no Kitarō Bakemono Sensou Strategy Adapted from Anime/Manga Tower Defense GeGeGe no Kitarō CRYSTAL OF RE:UNION CRYSTAL OF RE:UNION RPG Simulation Strategy Voiced Dialogues PvP Guild Battle Sengoku Asuka ZERO | Japanese Sengoku Asuka ZERO | Japanese RPG Strategy Adapted from Anime/Manga Bishōjo Sengoku period Kurokishi to Shiro no Maou | Japanese 黒騎士と白の魔王 アクションRPG x 連携協力プレイゲーム Strategy RPG 戦の海賊ー海賊船ゲーム×戦略シュミレーションRPGー 戦の海賊ー海賊船ゲーム×簡単戦略シュミレーションRPGー Strategy Simulation RPG Engage Souls Engage Souls RPG Raising Sims Strategy PvP Grimms Notes Repage グリムノーツ Repage Strategy RPG Time Refrain | Japanese タイムリフレイン RPG Strategy Reverse Time Bishōjo
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