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Yo! Villains 요!빌런 Yo! Villains Strategy Turn-based 世界征服できない(放置できない放置ゲーム) 世界征服できない(放置できない放置ゲーム) Idle Casual Strategy 単虎外伝ガチンコの虎 ヤンキー系ラインディフェンスゲーム 単虎外伝ガチンコの虎 ヤンキー系ラインディフェンスゲーム Strategy Tower Defense 霊夢と不思議な蜃気楼 霊夢と不思議な蜃気楼 Strategy Pixel RPG 던전 히어로즈 던전 히어로즈 Strategy Tower Defense ゴーゴーモーモー GUILD DESTROYER ゴーゴーモーモー GUILD DESTROYER Business Strategy Kingdom Story: Brave Legion Kingdom Story: Brave Legion Sangoku Strategy Simulation RPG Bullet Break バレットブレイク Action Strategy Slingshot Release date:September 17th 2019 Last Shelter: Survival Last Shelter: Survival Strategy Star Trek™ Fleet Command Star Trek™ Fleet Command Strategy Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™ Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™ Strategy Game of Thrones Release date:2019 Auto Chess (EN) Auto Chess Strategy Auto Chess Eternal City (SEA) Eternal City RPG Action Strategy Kawaii City of Forever 7 Days Soul Seeker R Soul Seeker R RPG Strategy   大戦略MOBILE 大戦略MOBILE Simulation Strategy   VALKYRIE ANATOMIA -The Origin- (CHI.) 女神剖析 -起源- RPG Strategy GUNSHIP BATTLE: TOTAL WARFARE Gunship Battle Total Warfare Simulation Strategy 大三国志 大三国志 Simulation Strategy Sangoku Langrisser Mobile (zh-TW) 夢幻模擬戰 RPG Strategy Turn-based Turn-based tactics Langrisser City of Forever 7 Days (KR) 영원한 7일의 도시 RPG Action Strategy Kawaii City of Forever 7 Days
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