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Chase Chase Indie Game Original Award Music Steps! - Brutally Difficult! Steps! - Brutally Difficult! Music Action Funi Funi-フニフニでノリノリなリズムタップゲーム- Music Casual Lost in Harmony Lost in Harmony RPG Music Cytoid: A Community Music Game Cytoid: A Community Music Game Music 超特訓!トミックゲーム!! 超特訓!トミックゲーム!! Music たすけて!マナティ大救出 〜詰まって!飛ばして!新発見!〜 たすけて!マナティ大救出 〜詰まって!飛ばして!新発見!〜 Music Action Rhythm of Gunslinger Rhythm of Gunslinger Music Casual STG Kinon Collection 菌音これくしょん! Music Raising Sims Pixel Tiles 3: Pixel your world Pixel Tiles 3: Pixel your world Simulation Music Casual Pixel Ensemble Stars!! Music | Simplified Chinese 偶像梦幻祭2 Music Otome Idol Ensemble Stars Release date:Unspecified Star Loop Star Loop Music Tsukino Paradise | Simplified Chinese 月野天堂。 Music Otome Idol Anime Tsukino Paradise   Dancing City 梦想养成计划 Music Raising Sims Idol   Yumeiro Cast | Simplified Chinese 梦色卡司 Simulation Music Romance Otome   Prince of Tennis Rising Beat | Simplified Chinese 新网球王子 RisingBeat Music   Cytus α Cytus α(サイタス アルファ) Music NS   22/7 音楽の時間 22/7 音楽の時間 Music Raising Sims Idol Release date:Spring 2020 Giraffe & Annika ジラフとアンニカ RPG Music ADV Action Healing PC PS4 NS   Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Global Love Live! All Stars RPG Music Kawaii Love Live! School Idol Festival
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