A total of 35 games

Onimusha: Warlords 鬼武者 RPG Action PC   Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice RPG Action PC   Far Cry:New Dawn Far Cry:New Dawn Action STG FPS PC   Hell Let Loose Hell Let Loose Action STG FPS PC   HARDCORE MECHA HARDCORE MECHA Action STG Indie Game PC robot game   The Surge 2 The Surge 2 RPG Action PC   Sword's Spirit 剑魄 ADV Action Indie Game PC   Darksiders Genesis Darksiders Genesis RPG ADV Action PC   My Friend Pedro My Friend Pedro Action STG PC   Night Sing 夜之歌 RPG ADV Action STG PC   Remnant: From the Ashes Remnant: From the Ashes RPG ADV Action PC   Conqueror's Blade: Frontier 战意:前线 RPG Action Strategy PC   Behind the Screen Behind The Screen RPG ADV Action Indie Game PC   EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 地球防衛軍5 Action STG PC   CODE VEIN CODE VEIN RPG Action PC   Shenmue III Shenmue III ADV Action PC   SOULCALIBUR VI SOULCALIBUR VI Action Fighting PC   GOD SLAYER 九霄缳神记 GOD SLAYER RPG ADV Action PC   Quest Hunter Quest Hunter RPG ADV Action PC   RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore レミロア~少女と異世界と魔導書~ ADV Action PC  
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