A total of 30 games

Sky: Children of the Light | Global Sky: Children of the Light RPG ADV Action Indie Game Healing Sky: Children of the Light Soul Knight | Global Soul Knight Action STG Indie Game Dungeon Crawl Roguelike ゴリラ・オンライン ゴリラ・オンライン Action Asymmetrical Battle Arena Co-Op PvP Indie Game Fresh Body 冷械岛 Action Indie Game Survival Roguelike METBOY! METBOY! Action Indie Game Badland 2 | Simplified Chinese 迷失之地2 ADV Action Indie Game GummyShooter グミシューター Action Casual Pixel Indie Game MINImax Tinyverse MINImax Tinyverse Simulation Action Casual Strategy Indie Game Tower Defense MOBA OWO Meowoof(OWO) Action Casual Indie Game Amborsia Amborsia RPG Action Indie Game Release From Work Punctually Online 定時退社オンライン Action Indie Game Monster Story 妖物語 Action Indie Game Original Award Red Bros Redbros ADV Action Puzzle Indie Game Pythagoras' Perpetual Motion Machine Pythagoras' Perpetual Motion Machine Action Puzzle Indie Game 芙亞妮Vuarny 芙亞妮Vuarny Action Indie Game Original Award GIGAFALL GIGAFALL-ギガフォール- Action Indie Game Pixel Touhou Machanical Scrollry 幻想討幻経 Action Indie Game Touhou Project PC   Party Hands Party Hands Action Puzzle Indie Game Maiden and Spell Maiden & Spell (メイデン・アンド・スペル) Action STG Indie Game PC   Block Bros: Platformer Builder Block Bros: Platformer Builder Action Indie Game Pixel
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