A total of 49 games

Sky: Children of the Light | Global Sky: Children of the Light | Global RPG ADV Action Indie Game Healing Fantasy 3D Open World Soul Knight | Global Soul Knight Roguelike STG Indie Game Dungeon Crawl Action Pixel 2D Colorful Jumpers カラフルジャンパーズ Retro Indie Game Action Pixel Elemental Dungeon | English Elemental Dungeon | English RPG Action Strategy Indie Game Pixel Roguelike ゴリラ・オンライン ゴリラ・オンライン Hide&Seek PvP 3D Indie Game Co-Op Asymmetrical Battle Arena Action Astalo Astalo Action Arcade Indie Game Soul Knight | Simplified Chinese Soul Knight | Simplified Chinese Action STG Indie Game Pixel Dungeon Crawl Roguelike Haipy Haipy ADV Action Escape Casual Running Indie Game Pixel Gore 2D Retro DreamDasher DreamDasher ADV Action Indie Game Pixel Arcade 走れビルディング 走れビルディング ADV Action Casual Running Indie Game Endurance - space action Endurance - space action RPG Simulation ADV Action STG Indie Game Dungeon Crawl Sci-fi Fresh Body 冷械岛 Survival Roguelike Indie Game Action Badland 2 | Simplified Chinese 迷失之地2 Indie Game Action ADV メットボーイ! METBOY! Indie Game Action GummyShooter グミシューター Kawaii Casual STG Indie Game Action Pixel The Zamazingo The Zamazingo - Dark Puzzle Adventure Land ADV Puzzle Atmospheric Indie Game Action Horror Release From Work Punctually Online 定時退社オンライン Indie Game Action Simulation Gemini Strike Space Shooter Gemini Strike Space Shooter Arcade Healing STG Indie Game Space Action Red Bros Redbros Puzzle Action ADV Indie Game Monster Story 妖物語 Indie Game Action Original Award
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