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Crypto Alchemist Crypto Alchemist(クリケミ) Action Strategy Card Release date:Winter 2019 Action Taimanin アクション対魔忍 RPG Action Kawaii Taimanin Release date:2019 COUNTER: SIDE 카운터사이드 RPG Action Strategy Release date:2019 Nijiiro Live にじいろLive RPG Action Kawaii School Release date:2019 HiGH&LOW THE GAME ANOTHER WORLD HiGH&LOW THE GAME ANOTHER WORLD RPG Action Release date:Fall 2019 VGAME | Japanese VGAME RPG Action Release date:2019 Avabel EX アヴァベル ~女神に召喚されたら英雄だった件~ RPG Action Release date:April 2019 Yu Yu Hakusho GENKAI Battle Spirit 幽☆遊☆白書 GENKAIバトル魂 RPG Action Anime Release date:2019 Kick-Flight キックフライト Action Versus Release date:2019 Fantasy Project ファンタジープロジェクト RPG Action Release date:2018年 World of Demons World of Demons RPG Action Release date:2018年夏 Kingdom War キングダムオブウォー RPG Action Release date:2016年7月12日
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