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Idoly Pride | English

Idoly Pride | English

Idoly Pride | English

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Idol Pride Gameplay English: https://youtu.be/zdUYP-4kzeE



The game itself is great, idoly pride is a wellbuilt idol management game. If you've tried nikke before some of the gameplay loop is similar (i.e. there are idle mechanics in place of spending stamina to clear your missions). i think it's pretty engaging as someone who's looked at like no guides [開心] The translation is pretty meh though... [汗顏] A lot of lines were translated out of context and with no proofreading. You can generally get the meaning of the badly translated parts of the game but sometimes it's impossible. it's kinda sad the game released in this state because the actual content is very highquality. You can still enjoy it and I think the game gives you a very fair amount of currency/rewards/cards. Very easy to reroll also. shizuku my beloved anyway ... based on reviews of the taiwan server just released by neowiz the translation is bad there too (machine translated levels of bad). i wonder why neowiz is being so irresponsible, are they known for this...? the english social media's also pretty low quality in this regard at the same time originally boltrend was going to handle this and they vanished when release dates came (in my experience also their translations can have these issues too). so they were probably in management hell which is obviously terrible for a live service game. Guess we'll never know what happened ┐⁠(⁠‘⁠~⁠`⁠;⁠)⁠┌

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