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Bride of the Twilight

Bride of the Twilight

Bride of the Twilight



Лаген/Lagen любовь с первого появления на экране 🥰🤗. Его музыкальная тема это нечто. История интересна. Кажется, предполагается продолжение. С интересом слежу за играми от данного разработчика): красочные, удобный интерфейс, без трат, удобство в накоплении внитриигрового доната! Но хотелось бы русский язык - ведь на родном языке сюжет воспринимается лучше 😁😉.

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Character and voice acting really compelled together. Voice acting is Korean btw. But the cost for premium choice is costly and need to put quiet amount of effort to grinding the exchange points and diamonds(log in everyday, watch ads, etc.) Anyways Jade's main here[開心][耍帥] Edit: After hellish diamond grinding, I will say it here, keep your money bro.

I Don't Even Know Anymore


ok I've only played the first three chapters, but here goes my review About the graphics, the background isn't full HD, all the ones I've seen are blurred, though I personally don't mind that since I mainly focus on the characters The sound was great, especially the voice actors. Jade and Lagen's are my fave personally, one has a calming voice and the other is deep and husky 💕💕💕 the gameplay is just like any other visual novel otoge, you get 3 tickets each day. There's a daily log in bonus and you'll receive points, which you can use to buy diamonds/ more tickets in the shop and yes.. there are exclusive options that can only be unlocked using diamonds, you can also use them to buy "love points" in the shop, but it's only 5 points for 20 diamonds so I don't think it's worth it For the storyline, ngl the beginning is a bit lackluster to me (I won't put in the details bcs... spoilers) but this is just my personal opinion + I haven't finished the entire story. This is probably a good distraction for anyone looking for vampire stories. Just one thing I want to say to the gamedev is please make a route for Hannes Because currently we can only get love points for Xion, Lagen, and Jade I really like his teasings (idk why) but I get the feeling he's putting a distance at the same time That's all from me, enjoy~

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