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So, here's the thing, I genuinely thought this game won't last 1 day on my phone, turns out? It's actually quite a good game for a number of reasons, I'm honestly surprised. Short version: A game that would've hit more grounds if it came during 2013-2015 era Don't underestimate this game. Despite the rather intense 3D Graphics, the performance optimization of this game is incredible. Your phone won't heat up easily. And despite the rather obvious plot in the intro/tutorial story, it actually gets better during chapter 1. Though the character selection leaves....more to be desired....Anyway, now, let's discuss the pros and cons of this game. Pros: + Amazing game performance. Fast startup loading time, little to no interval between screens/contents, no stutters, and more. Comparable to Epic Seven's Yuna Engine. + Good story and characters (characters ok, not character graphics/design). Despite the rather cringe start, the story gets better and the characters get fleshed out more. + Good VA performance (I used English), especially the main character. He's unnecessarily sound bad@ss + Great lobby customization comparable to Counterside's lobby customization + Professor Maxwell! Yeah I know, he's not a waifu and I of course dig Waifu....but I have to admit, this guy is much better than the female cast in this game (except maybe Stella). The voice, the Story, the skill set, are all amazing Neutral: = Oddly enough, this game gates character behind story wall. You heard right, story wall. You can't pull certain characters if you haven't completed a certain chapter. And that character won't show up in the gallery either. Spoiler avoidance? Maybe. Still, this is the only game that's done this, which is weird......well, maybe Guardian Tales kinda did this. = Unlimited "reroll". The number of 5* character available to pull from is different then the standard banner, meaning there might be characters that you actually want but you can't get it from the unlimited reroll, like Arknights = Certain QOL are locked behind base upgrades, which is an odd choice, but it's not locked behind VIP stuff so. .....ok?? Treat this like it's an idle game Cons: - Character designs are too old looking. Feels like it came out before 2015. Close to Lord of Heroes, but Lord of Heroes has more expressive character - Main Character design doesn't fit the bad@ss voice. Looks very similar to Cain from Sword Master Story....an odd choice if you ask me - Weak gacha. That is, there's not a lot of characters that stands out, reroll would be pointless if there's no character that catches our attention - Skip tickets. Nowadays it's better to have skips without the need of tickets - "Forced" tutorial. You MUST do the tutorials in order to progress the New Player Missions. An odd choice considering this should be part of the campaign. And oddly enough, it IS part of the campaign, so you'll basically learn the same stuff not one, not two, but three times, whoohoo - Low gacha currency gain Ok so, hear me out. I might've written a lot of cons. But you know, the only major drawback for me is the character design. It's way outdated. They all have this big eyes, and it's not even kawaii like Clannad and Kanon. It's weird, it looks weird, to the point I go for Maxwell, a guy character, from the infinite reroll instead of a female character. Despite the roster is made out of 98% female character, ONLY ONE caught my attention Stella. It's the design, it's, it's, ugh. If this came out during 2013-2015 era, I'm fine. Though they'd lost against King's Raid. In this era?? Hello? Star Rail? And competing against Counterside, Blue Archive, Epic Seven? Right? The only massive advantage this game has against other gacha games (except Epic Seven) is how light it is despite the 3D Graphics and animations. Believe me, even Blue Archive can heat up your phone, not this game. Regardless, give it a shot and play until chapter 2 to get a feel of whether this one's for you or not.



Fiery Waifus and Epic Story: Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Outerplane PROS 1. Great Story I usually skip all dialogues, and I started doing the same for Outerplane, but at some point I realized that I am sitting there and reading the story. Its really good, fun and interesting, Isekai style. If you like that kind of stuff, you wont be disappointed. 2. Fantastic Graphics and Effects Outerplane features Anime styled graphics which looks really good. Its pretty low details, but looks nice and fits the game perfectly. Character and combat animations are nice to watch and well done. And dont get me started on character design and art. Some heroes are very good waifu material 3. Different Combat Mechanics Your characters have normal attack, skill attack and an ultimate. Then you have Action Points that are piling up over time in battle, they can make your skill attack stronger, with additional effects. On top of that you have link attack, where all your characters attack enemy together. 4. Free reroll for top tier hero at the start You can reroll as much as you want with just 1 click of a button until you get 3star hero that you want. This works only for a special first summon with a guaranteed 3star to get you started. CONS 1. Combat speed Even with faster combat speed all the animations in Outerplane are too slow. You cant turn off ultimate animations and fights take forever to finish. This is the main and most important CON of the Outerplane and should be adressed by the devs. Ability to either skip fights entirely, or skip animations is a must. 2. Low amount of Diamonds per day For F2P players it will be hard to get enough diamonds for summoning good team of heroes and upgrading them. Outerplane doesnt give that much of diamonds per day, so as soon as you will get stuck, you will get stuck for good. Conclusion. Is Outerplane Good? Yes. Outerplane is a nice gacha game, that you can play for quite a while as f2p, enjoying the story. Although if your goal is to collect and max all heroes it will be a challenge. Fights take quite a while as well. Other than that Outerplane is a great game which will bring you quite a few good memories.

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