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Tenka Hyakken | Japanese

Tenka Hyakken | Japanese

Tenka Hyakken | Japanese




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Destiny soo


- Characters say good morning / afternoon / evening / night to you in different speeches. - Live2D. Touch their head and chest area to trigger different reactions... - You can control your character manually, not turn based and boring gameplay. - Can "Auto" play - Gift program that you can raise your affection with the characters and in return, they will give you Orbs! - Gifting is not the only way to raise affection. There is a ... sword rubbing session (which is kinda lewd and NSFW) that raise affection as well. - This game is very F2P friendly. - SR and UR are the only difference are that UR have more variety of unique moves. BUT even SR are usable and it has been proven by players - Change-able background and costumes for characters. (farmable, no need cash like other games) - Sword Fes. Every end of month, there will be a Sword Fes and it raise the chances of players getting UR characters like GBF legfest. - Have collab events with Anime.

- Yuuichi -


The game that actually try to balance old unit and new unit. Completely ignore tier list so that every unit become usable including SR. Character strength highly influence by equipment and how much you willing to invest on blooming panel (aka skill tree) Event that can be complete within one day. Nope, i'm not over-exaggerated. 70 runs and you're done with the event. A newly added spark system since last december on every banner make it easier for player to target any character/equipment that they want. That said, you need to manage the in-game currency and not to get baited by new banner (most banner will return eventually so take your time).

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