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En general es un buen juego.Buena jugabilidad buenos gráficos y aunque mi cel tiene algunos problemas para correrlo no afecta gravemente. Lo recomiendo para aquellos que disfrutan de PGR como yo lo hago.

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This game after trying it? You can technically play with just the main character group in the entire game. The problem isn't the damage but rather the playstyle. Like ask yourself WHAT is your playstyle? I have to say this before but the tier list is made with the intention of how easy to play they all are. This is why in CN limited version of Hera is the strongest. Its because she have the best support skill and AI mechanic. Like Hera is all you need to roll for honestly. Now with the tier list problem out? First the good part 1) As I said you can play literally anything. This game is made by the same company that create Arknights which is a game where you will eventually get every unit... Also same as Azur Lane too. If anything the only P2W is the costume. They making more money with cosmetics alone lmao! 2) How easy to get S unit? TBH even S rank unit CAN be really bad... Would you believe me that one of them required you to play 20 combo skill? Yes its "Ryugiri Kagutsuchi" There's rarely anyone would like THAT kind... Also failing his combo will dramatically reduce his damage too... This is the kind that S unit usually be. If you fail their combo they lose literally all damage. Meanwhile the low rank unit have little combo. Anyone can use them without worry. It's really depends on how the skill combination in the end. Even the lowest rank can beat the boss... I just use main character team and already beat the raid boss. Ironic they deal better damage than S rank team due to combo. 3) The artwork and character appearance are also pretty good too. Also both voice fit them well. 4) I tested with the paywall and honestly? It's not too expensive and they didn't just added TOO many to forced you to pay it... If anything there's only just VIP tree for thsoe who willing to pay. The value of that thing is just a trophy too. You do NOT actually needed them at all... It will be a beautiful collection and that is all. Now for the issues... Please fix this? 1) Colors... I don't mean the game color theme but the BATTLE theme... Why changing their color all the time? It will be confusing as fk to know which is an attack or which is the after effect of an attack... I have good reaction and can reach master rank+ in any MOBA game... I can't react if the color just confused me. This will be WAY worse for newbie or low reaction speed player... I would feel bad for them... Game shouldn't make it hard to see even more if its action based... Do that only in mystery game please not here... 2) Action indicator can also be confusing even when they uses just one color... Why? The whole stage just somehow share the same color as the attack location... Same as last problem I CAN'T SEE!!! WTF!!! I'm not color blind but why placing red indicator on red floor... Its confusing... Literally became invisible... Most of the time a lot of attack turned into silent attack... 3) There's no warning indicator of which unit attack. This will soon be a huge problem when the game throw in 100+ enemies in one area... You will get jump on and can't even reacts at all... 4) Long range indicator can also be confusing... This is because when its long you won't see the end of it to know WHEN the attack will happen. This is where most of my mistake happens too. Like again how when I can't see... 5) There's no sound to warn of each attack too. This can be fatal too for player who uses sound more than visuals. It will take them a lot of time to get uses to it... Honestly to sum up the game is incredible f2p much like Azur Lane and Arknights. The only problem is like I said... The visibility is just horrible... I can't even see most action... Also your ally AI can make it worse too. You can't exactly turn them all down too cause you have to team up with them... Like yeah... Please find a better color theme for the action parts... I'm not even color blind yet here I am... I'm blind and had to use my raw gamer instinct to randomly dodge...



Its pretty good game tbh as of rn writing it i haven't tried it out yet but im sure of what i have seen it will be great [開心] [edit after playing for while] as expected its great love the gameplay and graphics are well made tho i didn't like the en dub but anyway

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