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RockMan X Dive | Traditional Chinese

RockMan X Dive | Traditional Chinese




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REVISED 22/5 Once again i'm revisiting this review, after the recent updates here are my toughts: Positives: - Lots of fanservice for fans of the series - Nice graphics - Music from the X games - An ok alternative to aquire shards of characters and weapons via the memory fragments - Developers are listening and are dedicated to improve the game - Events are pretty nice, the classic crossover is great. Negatives: - Clunky controls, for a megaman title this is a huge issue since the series is well known for its plataform mechanics - AUTO Aim: like X7 this game has autoaim and its clunky at times, you can remove this and aim like any other X game however i feel as if the game is designed i .a way to require autoaim (some enemies cannot be reached by the buster shot) - Gacha system, characters and weapons you get are RNG dependant, it can get very frustrating when you use up 5K EM and not get a single S rank - Not enough stages at the moment, so far only X1, X4 and ZXA (odd choice, X2 would've made more sense) are existant in the game, i hope they include more variety. - Unbalanced PVP, this is a point of argument for most people, after reaching SA i can say that PVP Is not balanced whatsoever, Spray weapons are incredible Op and some S characters are way better than others. Latency also affects the experience and hackers are also present in the ladder. - There's frame drop issues in some stages (6-3 is an example) and in co-op 4-2 the game sometimes craahes. - Not enough content to keep you hooked, most of the time you will be grinding to level up. I'm happy with how the game has turned out, devs are doing a good job improving the game and listening to feeeback. if you are a fan of megaman you should play it, keep in mind this is a gacha game, that is in my opinion the biggest con but i hope they improve it overtime.



•Before you play please read this in depth review of (Rockman X Dive). •If any questions please ask. I'll get to you when I can. *Note: (All contents discussed in this review may be out of date and will be updated periodically). ●Rockman X Dive is a very good game, it's very generous with the crystals it offers to the players, controlls can be very difficult to get used to on mobile which leads to people to use controlers. it isnt bad to use controlers im just trying to convey that it would be nice if the onscreen controls can be more responsive/accurate. ●leveling up your power level is sort of a hassle because the game makes it so that the player is forced to wait every reset to be able to do anything. on top of that upgrading weapons is very tedious and very hard to acquire the resources needed to do so. ●Level gaps are far too apparent when trying to play the game. it very well limits the players to enjoy the game as well as depleting the player's chance of acquiring event rewards. also when you start the game most contents of the game are locked until player reaches the required player level. •please note: player level 42 is the required player level to unlock the final lab content. ●Rockman X Dive needs to improve many things and honestly, aside from upgrading weapons and trying to increase your power level which can be a night mare, all is not as bad as the PvP system in the game and more specifically Ranked PvP. trying to get in matches in ranked pvp is hellish as 95% of the time player's are forced to wait long minutes sometimes more than (10 minutes) just to get into a match they are most likely going to lose. •This brings me to my next point and that is the matching system, the game matches you with players far greater in power level than you, pretty much leaving you vulnerable and wasting your time. this fact is even worse because 9/10 you will also match with someone who has very terrible connection which can cause "lag" and and allowing the opponent to get the upper hand and attack when you are at an idle state. ●But ofcourse I also need to mention the gacha system. the rates are terrible and pulling characters is of a rarity leaving most players to play the game with units that are quite frankly just terrible to play with and none usable in pvp and pve contents. pulling (S) Rank characters are at a pull rate of 1.50% where as (S) Rank weapons are at a pull rate of 3.00% pretty much meaning that your chances of pulling a character is not only very low and rare but you are more likely to get weapons than even pull a single character when doing a 10 multi summon. ●Also may I add that it is best for everyone to save your Elemental Metals (EM) untill you have about 10 thousand because please be aware that it is highly possible that you can spend upwards of 5 thousand crystals (EM) and get nothing but B rank weapons and characters. ●please note: the gacha (characters and weapons) in Rockman X Dive is divided into 3 letter categories (B), (A), & (S). (B) being the the worst and most likely to pull with a rate of 93%00, and (S) being the most rare and valuable with a pull rate of 4.50%. •Remember that (S) Character rates are (1.50%) & Weapons (3.00%). this is even worse when taken to account that there are many way too many weapons in the game and the gacha system rates must be improved as well as increasing the odds of players pulling characters especially (S rank Characters) ●Over all Rockman X Dive is a fun game if you can dedicate time to it.

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