Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars | Japanese



Wauw, sebulan gk aku mainin tiba2 pengumuman game bkal dinonaktifkan ....

Sebenarnya konsep gamenya udah bagus. Rpg-rhythm music, 3d nya juga cakep, terus kostum nya juga pada bagus-bagus. Tapi makin kesini makin susah maininnya. Ada notes yg nguras hp bnyak smpai sulit di-up lagi hp nya, pke guard juga malah percuma. Harusnya sih bisa lebih dipermudah biar pemain pemula juga bisa ikut. Saya aja player lama, mainin dri awal rilis, makin kesini makin susah ngejar score, failed mulu. Soal bonus diasnya mh lumayan lah, gachanya jga lumayan bagus2. Tapi klau card yg kupake semua trnyata masih gagal di misi di lagu2 baru ya percuma. Akhirnya saya memilih berhenti....

Thank you sifas...

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я ждал этого 12 лет в Азербайджане

Lloyd Alojado


I feel like a lot of people is expecting SIFAS to be like the old SIF . In All Stars, your not suppose to be the one doing the lives , in a sense . Your(the Player/MC/Ayumu's childhood friend ) is suppose to be assisting them , managing things , helping them improve in doing what THEY do, which is doing lives , that's why we have AutoPlay now . Even in the story , your character tells everyone that he/she is NOT a school idol . He/she just supports them(like in a managerial sense , not like a fan ) some of the girls even call the Player Buchou , which I think translates to chief in a business sense . But well , that's how I've been seeing the game as , so I'm not really that bothered with the Player not being able to do Hard lives early on. I assume being an Idol takes a lot of hardwork to "get to thetop", so it makes sense to not be able to do Hard lives yet . But well , I'm rambling . Anyways , great game . I would suggest it to others , and I do. But don't expect SIF gameplay .

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