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RPG alphadia neo

RPG alphadia neo

RPG alphadia neo



have a mini game fishing.

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Alphadia's new title in the new era of the franchise. The game takes place in another world just like Alphadia Genesis 1 and 2 which is taking place in Lagoon and Celesia. With the same concepts of IV and V about Energi Cyrstals. IV: "A beautiful star with many lives "Planet Valhalard" Suddenly, six crystals fell on this star. According to the investigation of the people of Urd, it was found that one crystal that had fallen had a huge amount of energy equivalent to that of this planet." V: Ride and Noel have a mysterious dream that the star "Eden" who travels in space will fall on the land of the planet "Valhard" where various races exist. In order to save the crisis of Valhalard, we will go on a journey to collect 6 [star stones] according to the words of "Eden" that we have spoken in our dreams. Is it possible to run around the land of Valharad where animals and plants become ferocious with the approach of "Eden" and prevent collisions...? The game also takes the concept of the original Alphadia about the corruption of the government vs the heroes. As for now, this is what I can share with you. Stay tuned.

Very enjoyable game! Reminds me immediately of a vast collection of other great Kemco titles, with very excellent music, gameplay, and playability! Hard or Easy, the choice is yours! Fantastic settings and worlds, beautiful characters and artwork, any new fan to Alphadia Neo will have no problem with this game. I very highly recommend this new game in the Alphadia series!

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