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404 GAME RE:SET | Japanese

404 GAME RE:SET | Japanese

404 GAME RE:SET | Japanese

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otaku wf


honestly not the gameplay i was wanting for the game but its not terrible will stick with the game for now and see where things go



Perfect name for crap game. This game gameplay creativity is 404 and need a reset too, or better yeet it lol. Graphics is, not like i have a problem with it since it's have their own uniqueness. But the biggest problem is this game graphics and overal visual is really dangerous for health reason. You can trigger a seizures on people easily with all this "glitchy" RGB and non stop flashing lights. In fact people who have this kind of health issue already said so about this game. Story, just read the news from qooapp about this game concept. already sum it up. Gameplay, is it even exist? This game is supposed to be a bullet hell game but you can turn on auto and it already play way much better dodging all bullet than you expected. Just watch low quality 3D playing this messy gameplay. All feature is a generic gacha games too. Gacha rate is 2% for highest rarity so it's not FGO tier yet but there's more into it. Besides gacha chara you need to gacha 'figure', it's like an equipment that give your chara a stats boost. That must stuff you need to get and their free gems is really hard to get. 1500 gems for 1 multi and you only get 5 gems from each cleared stages and another 5 gems from each progress mission rewards. I play for hours and still can't get enough to do another 1 multi besides from 1500 gems they give as prereg rewards. Tl;dr this game exist just for sucking all player money and insulting all sega's game ip in the process. Not even worth to try.

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