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Sword Hunter

Sword Hunter

Sword Hunter

Kanata Tomokui


I like this one a lot... reminds me of hack-and-slash games tbh. My only complaint is that they dont have a way to permanently get rid of ads. As a lot of rewards and boosts require you to watch ads, despite how fun and enjoyable the game is when played in moderation, that is the one thing that is a turn-off for this game for me.

It really, really could use a permanent ad-remove button. I'd pay for it, too. probably up to a good 10 or 15 of currency for it.

Id also recommend this to ppl constantly if there was such a thing, since that's the only missing thing to make the game able to be recommended in my book. Itd be the only thing free players would need to buy, and the rest is by choice if they want.

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downloaded for a month now this my review Game is basically kill enemies and unlock skill by round. Gameplay is simple and can be mastered easily. story kinda unique (girl get bullied and take revenge by killing the mafia) quite normal. You can upgrade your equipments and has gacha (sadly no personalization.) Graphics 4/5 - kinda like some casual games, plain graphics and not too superb. Sound idk - i play with no sounds so its up to you on this one Gameplay 5/5 - like i said its easy to learn and once you master the controls, its enjoyable. Storyline 4/5 - skipped almost everything but the main storyline is unique Value 4/5 - overall, for the last month its pretty good having this game. Low mb for a great game 👍.



A fast-paced game [開心] Love the graphics and the plot. The tutorials are straight forward too. I did a short gameplay here [厲害] https://youtu.be/Ty6GbvzQS_I

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