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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

Kanata Tomokui


It's a pretty good app for playing yugioh, but sadly, the servers are long gone now, so it's only offline. I'd recommend getting a mod version from somewhere trustable, but... i dont think i would ever recommend this app before recommending 'master duel'. Especially since the base app without mod will start you off with almost nothing useful to use in game among your cards.

That and this game has glitches galore. And the mod was imperfect, so it has some more glitches...

I think the only thing that helps make this app useful is that it has an actually in-game rulebook. The problem is, it's larger than the rl one that has 45 pages...

Was a amazing app back then to a extent, now days id say go to 'master duel', and if ur new, do yourself a favor and play solo for a good while before playing ranked matches or anything really elsewise. Even a beginner with a structure deck will crush u if you dont know what ur doing, and a stronger player definitely will if u dont at least try to get some better cards than the 'barely able to be called a starter deck' stuff they give you to learn with. id say more but this is long-winded enough for a outdated app that i only use the mod version to test some mechanisms of the new one on, without the need to use points on cards i want to test beforehand.

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Proyo Gamex


really a good offline game (the best*) but if you wanna download it tell me "How" cuz it isn't available at lot's of apps

Haitham Sons


this is the best game ever l play it

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