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Kanata Tomokui


Hmm... This has gotten better than it was before on mobile... but the room feature as of the previous update was absolute crap. I can't say if that's been fixed or not since I didn't use it recently. but the only connection issue i had was most times playing in a room. i can imagine if i had not as great data to use for a connection, it would be terrible, and room function would be fully unuseable then.

I'd only suggest this to those with a good connection when they play or those who have boundless or at least high patience otherwise.

Its amazing card game ive been into since i was a child...although that might make me a bit bias so i will admit that the amount of rules and technical rules in game are a bit overwhelming at first for most. And while this game will teach you how to play... it won't teach you the technical rules, since pretty much everyone has to find those out themselves when they encounter them.

Basic rulebook in Rl is at least some 45 pages since they gp over everything, but its not nearly as bad here. They give you a hands-on run-down of how to do everything that you need to know to play, in a very simple way, and reward you the first time you complete any run-down of the rules to play.

It's a complex game, but with 'duel generation' kinda gone now(you can find it as a mod, but that's about it... and no server), this is probably the best/better way for most who start off to play.

Especially in the case that one wants to play in rl, maybe sometime in the future, this app would be a good place to start.

All in all, it's a pretty great app for what is heralded as the "#1 card game in the world. "... or at least it was, and as far as i remember, it is still.

Recommend to anyone who likes card games that isn't worried about having to learn or who likes the show or watched it at some point and thought it was interesting or is already into the card game.

So long as you have a good connection &/or patience, this is the app you'll want to get if you wanna play yugioh like it should be (aka unlike the "micro" version of 'Duel links', i find that apps playstyle to be way to restricted compared to this one).

(And as a plus, the system for getting cards is way better than in rl... I wish i could just "generate" an rl card i want after trading in 3 others i dont. Would be awesome, lol).

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so its finally here for Android Yu-gi-oh! Maxx C is 3 (its not a bad thing) the game is really Great so far in the last 9 day and manage to hit top 5 steam as a F2P in general you can make atleast 2 competitive deck from the 7 day free gems they gave you the pack has 2,5% chance for an UR on each card (like SV) and has a pity if you dont pull an UR in your last Multi (advise to not single) Battlepass aint locked to Paid gems and basically free when you max it (the reward sums up to 3 and 1/3 UR, a pet and a login screen) and The game is an automatic simulator like ygopro tips on how to start the game 1 only buy Secret pack (basically half of the card in the pack is guaranteed to be the card from that set) So if you pull/craft a SR or above of a card you want it unlock a new pack for a day for a set that support that card. so the trick is you Craft an SR of the set you want, then you will be greeted with a free pack for the set and unlock it for a day this is efficient Becauss you dont need to pull random pack that contain cards from multiple decks which is not great if youre f2p 2 use your UR material for Staple Handtrap/generic spell/trap So in yugioh theres a type of card that can be cast from hand to distrub your opponent gameplay in multiple way notable one are ash blossom, effect veiler and the infamous Maxx C. These card are extremely hard to be pulled from pack were talking 1/760 chance for each so if you want a card you can look on How get it in the deck builder if it say Master pack you better off craft the card and pull cards that can be obtainable from secret pack 3 Buy the 750 gem bundles at the current time theres 3 bundle consist of 10 master pack and a guaranteed card. Solemn judgement, ash blossom, lightning storm These are Meta staple and you get 25% off for pack that you can dust for UR material 4 Ask for Help when making a deck/or play the game in the master duel discord The game is not Ocg or TCG its a limbo of both so you cant randomly net deck someone 5 Optional: Budget easy deck to start with Eldlich (if you like to get bombarded in discord every day, a daddy deck and peak Control deck gameplay and the budget version is the Cheapest deck to start with). Tri brigade (easy to understand, strong cards). NORMAL SUMMON ALEISTER-dogmatika shadoll (Yeah people hate this deck due to ptsd, but its w good deck to get to top ranked and really easy to play). and that sums up the basic knowledge you need to min max resource in MD good luck on your run and remember MAKING VERTE SOLVE LIFE ISSUE.

Lightlord TheMix


Well, I would like to be very honest this game is now giving you money because i believe that the gems will have a value but now you got some free, however this game looks new and great but It is not for people who love games very fast like FPS OR games fast . It is for Yugioh time, you know what i want to say!

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