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My Charming Butler

My Charming Butler

My Charming Butler



Nice game, like it a lot for now!

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The artstyle of the boys drew me in, and the bonding with them was really cute! I liked learning about them, their fears, and seeing their relationships improve as family. I ended up picking Keith bc I love his type of character (lmao) but Reiss the tsun and Sieg have special places in my heart too since they're just so cute!! The plot was to be expected (somewhat simple and predictable) , but it wasn't a bad thing in my opinion. It's just nice to have a simple story to tap along to sometimes, you know? And they're all so sweet AAAAAAAA I love them a lot. The game lasted 3 days or so because the plot is somewhat short, but I liked it anyways. 💙

Gasheta Dulce


[開心]me encantó este juego lo recomiendo mucho grafícas el sonido, están excelentes amo este juego :3

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