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My review after playing the game for a while Pros : Booba( if you're into this kind of BS) Cons : Everything else Need dupes to progress at certain point, gacha currency income is laughable, can't clear new player missions before running out of time unless you spend money, horribly tedious base management, 20 different game modes that all feel exactly the same only difference being you can skip some and others you have to watch the fight play on auto (you can't interact at all), can't speak on the story since i skipped 99% of it and if i had to guess its not the greatest either, but there is a story at least Theres worse games out there if you're looking for a coomer game, but I can't recommend anyone to play this tbh, and if you do I suggest not spending any money, cause chances are you won't be here for very long...the era of decent games is over my friends and it's progressively getting worse by the second. 😔



Edit: I love the furniture placement and home decoration function. I'll move this up by 1 smiley face. Alright, everyone. I'm going to review every aspect of the game I've experienced so far, so prepare for a LONG review. Expect lots of gameplay complaints because I'm a picky person (but don't let it influence your opinion of the game as everyone likes different things) Enjoy, besties :) Art: Really good. Lots of booba. Snezhana is my favorite character, and I'm also VERY happy with the amount of bunny girl skins in the game. The chibis are also super adorable and the characters have some pretty cool outfits. Gameplay: Boring. Tiny anime people take turns hitting each other while you watch. Not a fan. (Yeah, I don't really like turn-based games...) Also, there are lots of tedious little mission thingies. Little edit about gameplay: Apparently once you reach a certain level/story chapter, you canskip the gameplay. Nice. Pay-to-win: Unfortunately (but predictably), yes. Skins are WAY too expensive and I don't think anyone would ever buy them (despite them looking nice). I strongly do not recommend buying any of the in-game purchases. Gacha currency is difficult to earn. Rates aren't the best. Story: I don't really understand what's happening, but it seems pretty interesting. You can read it if you have time I guess. Game overview: An anime gacha game with turn-based gameplay and home design. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day [開心] 💅💅💅

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