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A3: Still Alive | Korean

A3: Still Alive | Korean

A3: Still Alive | Korean

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it feels like im playing black desert mobile. so if you like playing that, this can be a game that'll maybe interest you. graphics are nice. its auto all day. good looking characters, maybe this game will survive, if not...oh well. edit after abour 24 hours in the game. you cant keeo questing until your satisfied, the game has a limit to how much you can do a day. pretty much an intergrated stamina system. leveling becomes a chore after level 30. when customizing your character, i dont think you can change the voice, so if your character looks mature, but then has a child like annoying voice...the character customization is very limited compared to other KMO games (Korean Multiplayer Game).



it would be great if you ad english language

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