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Sdorica sunset

Sdorica sunset

Sdorica sunset



Simple yet Great.

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I've been playing this game since beta. Very unique and different compared to your usual gacha rpg games. Not very grindy, I'm not sure if it's a positive trait, but at least it is for me because I HATE over-grindy games. The art style is one of the best and the music is superb. What impressed me the most is with how invested and ambitious the developer team is with the game. You can clearly feel it when playing it, with how they handle the characters and the overall atmosphere in the game. They handle it with utmost care. I feel very invested with the characters in this game. No characters is wasted. The story is also pretty good, though it's not the best out there. The only downside is with the mechanic and overall content. Though, it's understandable since Rayark is still arguably a small game company and they're still learning with how to make a proper online rpg game which Sdorica is their first. But, it's okay since they seem to fix the problems with the new updates. [2022-09-07] Season 4 update: The story IS one of the best out there. I changed my mind. Season 3 had one of the most gut-wrenching story writing, not only compared to other free-to-play mobile rpg, but also rpgs in general. The characters were also very compelling, and had MUCH more depth compared to previous seasons. Season 4 is far from finished, so I can't really say anything. The gameplay is getting a bit bloated. They added more game modes that are... not as interesting to me at least. The meta always changes based on the newest characters. If you want to get the highest rewards in weekly events, you need to have the best of the best roster with maxed out upgrades. The game is getting grindier for you who wants max rewards from events. It's also getting slightly more pay to win because of the ever changing meta. But yeah that's just how gacha game would survive in the market anyways so it is what it is.



There are 2 games i consider best games for android, one of them is Sdorica. Develop by Rayark that famous by their rhythm games cytus and deemo, sdorica will bring you to fantasy world. Amazing art, awesome soundtrack, interesting storyline to follow all the best element of rpg games you can find here. Consider free to play sdorica it's not like any other games, the grinding it's not to heavy that you still can catch up with old player. Story is have a deep storyline it's not just a simple but indeed amazing story.

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