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Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail



basically remove the only enjoyable part of honkai
and then extended the worst part
not disappointed cause i knew it though
they just pulled a mini part of honkai3 made it into a game

Mihoyo CEO admitted use AI to do plot lines
They SKIP their work of filling plots
but force us to NO SKIP and watch their AI filled plot lines

Filled with tables and boxes in the whole map that trap the hell out of you
moving around in this is painful. so dumb so unnecessary

while people thought they put great effort in this
from the overdid animation that doesn't even fit
but you know it's a low budget shit keep reuse resources to fill a box and throw you init

other than the animation which they keep advertising
what they said better animation or facial expressions don't exist. In fact it's worse since they were pulled out from h3

while in previous works people can still making videos of their gameplay fighting challenges
now there's no content for creator to make video either

i hope they get a big slap from this
sadly they won't lose much since everything is pretty no cost
what's worse is seeing people paying and supporting this

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Here is it everyone, this is all what we've been waiting for, let's enjoy this game and have a good time with it! Goodluck to everyone and let's have a great time playing with it.

Жду эту игру с 21 года и наконец... наконец-то... Я в восторге, что игра вот выходит... Хотя я уже играла на фбт, но всё равно, оф релиз всё-таки, да. Очень люблю стар реил и мужского главного героя, да, спасибо.

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