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Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail



Here is it everyone, this is all what we've been waiting for, let's enjoy this game and have a good time with it!
Goodluck to everyone and let's have a great time playing with it.

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Жду эту игру с 21 года и наконец... наконец-то... Я в восторге, что игра вот выходит... Хотя я уже играла на фбт, но всё равно, оф релиз всё-таки, да. Очень люблю стар реил и мужского главного героя, да, спасибо.

Yonda Eko


the most overrated and boring game ever. traditional RPG with only 1 basic attack , 1 skill and 1 ultimate = idle RPG(90% of auto attack in every battle). and no equipment to grind. and traditional RPG with 0,800 gacha rate = hell, you only depend on pity to get your characters. what a garbage.

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