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Higan: Eruthyll | Global

Higan: Eruthyll | Global

Higan: Eruthyll | Global



kinda boring tho. play this while waiting for honkai railstar

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Higan Eruthyll Gameplay: https://youtu.be/qrPfE5dAMNQ



Im starting it with this, it just released so the characters might be a handfull, but its funn. Graphics - My device defaulted to low but i tried high, it really is high so graphics is good, but low fps so back to low. Sound - I have music on but the voice lines is pretty good (I don't know japanese) Gameplay - I haven't played anything the like of it (I have a low palate in games). I cant describe it just refer to other reviews or play the game. Storyline - Skip Again, its a pretty fun game. key features: Generous gacha i believe - Star Sigils (used for wishing) Is fairly easy to get so good. The chances are friendly too, if featured character up to 50% chance, if others then only 2% , rises by +3.3% by 50 pulls ( 3.3% : 50) until it reaches 100% or until pull a SSR. Also pity is in 120 pulls and the tablets you get after pulls is actually huge since the shop for it is good. Resources - Fairly easy, there is an auto feature AND an offline feature which is pretty neat, you can just log in back to get the resources u needed. Grinding for character xp is quite tough (I'd say like path to nowhere, but alot slower in early game) Troupe reputation - or otherwise called as main xp, it is hard to get but theres things like Prestige Up (profile) and Missions to speed leveling up. P2W? - For now, no. I'd say its pretty f2p friendly now, the pass (Tour Record) has free Star Sigils every 10 level (starts at lvl 5). Payed currency (Genesis Dubroistal, not to be confused with Standard Dubroistal) doesn't really mean much, its currently used for pulls, cosmetics and such. The deals too is really good to start with so u can buy that if u like. Friendly people? - If you don't do weird stuff, yes. Theres atleast 100 channels so the people is very active. Cute characters? - Yes, well debatable but for me yes. If my counting is correct there are atleast 4 male characters so hoping for more (I'm a male btw so) Is there stuff to do other than adventure? - Idk yet havent reach that Overall, its pretty good. Im only still level 13 but I'm sure there's still lot to do. So would I recommend, short answer is yes. yo

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