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It's good I guess.

There's some gems of games in this platform. Brought my friends in to play and we had lots of fun. It's a good medium for spending time with friends. I don't spend too much time socializing on here cause its either kids, kids with money, and predators.

Graphics... it really ranges from game to game. The standard roblox game would have okay graphics and then theres some that don't look like they belong on roblox (but instead as their own game).

The community some youtubers form on here is what gives it a +1 from me. Even if I don't play roblox that much, seeing what these creators do with this platform give me enjoyment.

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hello. guys this is cool and u can make friends and free games play it now! enjoy :D! guys add me my user: EndergamingYT_fan😏😏😏😏😏😎😎😎😎😎😘😘😘



robloc hol up...! this doesnt exactly deserve a 5 star... the admins dont give a shit about what there community says. the moderation is horrible and you can literally get banned for saying "gay" thats homophobic. there is no storyline, its not one of those games, its not an open world or level-type game. theres billions of games out there and you can create a game for free and add friends, after being a player for 7 years, im starting to lose interest sadly. well the admins are still horrible like stop being people over innocent words and no reason. like banning people over literal images that are perfectly fine and sfw. the sound depends actually, however, this game has horrible rep for cultures, races and such. Tons of toxic players, and it's really starting to bore me, it's very laggy and only becoming worse.

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