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I love it lol. There's no storyline (at least not yet)
Train idols, make them rest, level them up, unlock more furniture and characters in the gacha packs, unlock more rooms, buy more furniture, get more idols. Watching ads makes everything easily attainable in this game.
It's pretty enjoyable, making your own idol army to conquer the world. Gameplay is repetitive (and its mostly concerts where anything happens) but I love collecting idols.
I can't wait for more updates to come.

The preview images aren't really what the artstyle of the game is, the first image is closer to what you'll see amd I prefer it that way, I hope they don't change it [委屈]

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It's good and fun, I do like the characters but abt the concert thingy, i dont really have enough time [害羞]



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