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Magical Girl Destroyers Kai

Magical Girl Destroyers Kai

Magical Girl Destroyers Kai



I only played this game, just because it released and I thought why not. The graphics is eh, nothing special or the worst, the gameplay is honestly not to my standards or not my type. Its fine. I find this game boring and not much to do, I don't have anything to say about the story since I have no interest and I don't understand japanese. Other than that I have nothing much to say. The gacha is alright though, like any regular Gacha I guess. This game is not really high graphic end or really high quality like many other games. Other than that, there is nothing more to it.

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Shiro Mirai


Ok now i get it why gameplay dint show in vid Gameplay Rpg style where you have team of 4 and many more later .Battle system it self is atk dodge cast 4 skill you got from gacha you can wear any weapon and your ally can wear there own type of weapon and you can pick there skills Graphics so bad its like you returned to 2000 to 2010 era Gacha: the gacha it self fine 2 paid type 2 non paid type which common Beggining reward:gives ya full lv ssr card skill for staff type which might force you to use staff



La calidad máxima ofrece una resolución muy buena pero el resto de elementos, incluyendo el modelado de los personajes, no me convencen, los siento regulares. Al final, lo mejor es su genial arte gráfico de estilo urbano y los excelentes soundtracks que implementaron. El resto del contenido no me agradó y sinceramente quería dejar de jugar poco después de empezar la partida. Si tienes curiosidad, puedes ver su gameplay a continuación pero no es un título que recomiende. Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/7Fx0JWQwGXs Nota: "MG Destroyers Kai" solo hizo que me dieran ganas de volver a "Dusk Diver 2".

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