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Legeclo: Legend Clover

Legeclo: Legend Clover

Legeclo: Legend Clover



The game is nice! It is Princess Connect and Fire Emblem Heroes at the same time! Characters are very cute, and giving support characters is also very Fire Emblem like, since the last title. It is true that DMM Games has 18+ version of their games, but this one is not very abusive about being 18+ cringe. Most scenes makes sense and their private scenes are achieved after friendship points. Apart from that, gameplay is fine, and has auto feature as well. It would be great if connection is better! You can use an auto clicker to help you "touch" the "reconnect" button. It's a shame! Anyways, give it a try! [汗顏]

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why i can't download the file data even i got some space is someone got this error ? i alrdy changed my time to jst .



First of all if you can't play the game/forced go back to the title,change your timezone to JST. Now it's running smoothly I like this game because i basically love to play SRPG game. - Gameplay quite good although i'm still on early game. - Graphic,sound,VA all amazing - Gacha is decent They have H version for this game but i'm not playing there because i can't translate the game there. Overall it's pretty good game for this genre. If you don't like because of this "SRPG genre/gameplay",just pass this game. Don't be like a d*ck and put bs review because it's not ur taste They already put the genre on page details and i already told you in this review.

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