The Lingering Sound of Grey Mist | QooApp Version

The Lingering Sound of Grey Mist | QooApp Version

蒼霧殘響 | QooApp繁體中文版



This is gonna be big bois, the beta was great. Can't wait for all the nice booba jiggle and fat booty bounce! The men of culture will unite once more!

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Pretty good game. The gameplay similar to browndust or brave nine. So in the battle your characters looks small but not chibi. The characters art looks great. For the story, i don't know because i can't read chinese but i can Understand some lines from the japanese voice and the story looks interesting. Every characters voice is amazing and even our characterer (like shikikan in azur lane and doctor in arknights) have voice. And dor the gacha, it is not good but also not bad. But for me as a gacha player i don't mind the gavha system too much as long as the game have story and characters that is interesting. by the way the ultimate skill animation is great too. If you want to add me as a friend, here is my UID: 4010214.

Body language decides the gameplay. So it's easy to play this even I can't read kanji. Oh my lord, give me knowledge more to understanding underwear of them~

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