Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent | English

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent | English

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent | English

Gavvar Game Hunter


Great game excited my expectations

It's a classic jrpg (fights-visuals) reminding me the good old days of FF (final fantasy) either the first games or the tactics series takes you back to the past .
Combat system (Player abilities ,Break system, Animations,
Sound is unique and seriously EPIC
Nice collab's
It's a f2p single player jrpg it's not neccesary to buy currency i am playing f2p since launch and pretty good
You can start so many 'side quests'
And you can do the quests in the order you like

Will it be crazy if i say none?
Some people might not like that you cant skip the scenes but i like them so i don't mind at all

I have played all the Octopath game's it's not better than any of them but it's a free game and it's pretty decent why complain ?

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Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent Gameplay English: https://youtu.be/Uz0XHKQoJOk



So time for a short review of this game (imo ofc): *Notice: this game only in America and EU server, you might need VPN if you want to play the game outside these server and at the first time, you don't need turn on VPN after first time play. 1. Graphic: 8-bit style on gameplay and Grandblue Fantasy art style influnce in artwork and portrait, a good match for this game 2. Sound/Music: Seems OK and relaxing to me 🤔 3. Gameplay: - If you know or play game "Another Eden", you might have a feeling "why this game have so many AE elements". Yea, you can say they are almost identical in gameplay (in map exploration, movement, questline, enemies encounter, class system/upgrade, status board, ...) - Typical turn-base JRPG with a bit different in battle style (party 4 frontline members and 4 backline members, backline members can switch to attack in turn, swipe a skill to boost skill effect when enough BP) - Gacha kinda normal to me, pity with point exchange on rate-up encounter and 200 pull for a Seal in Regular Encounter - Daily/Weekly quest are OK to me, reward is quite decent - Most interesting in this game is about Influnce System , it decided most things in this game such as: Overall Status, Different Action on most NPCs in map, Tales,... + There're 3 types of Influnce: Fame, Power, Wealth, each served different tales you choose from beginning and action on NPCs (you can also hire these NPCs to use their unique skill in battle (limited use)) + Say about action on NPC, you can get items from them base on Influence you have: Fame type need your luck to get them, Power type need battle, Wealth type need you buy items or haggle to reduce price with chance. - 4. Story: It's good, not too perfect imo 🤔 5. Other: - Slow loading time - Sometimes I really need an option to skip tutorial when you start from beginning ☹️ *So to say about this game, this is an OK game to play, and as gameplay is almost like offline game, you can play the game without worrying about losing important content (tbh this game is the same as Another Eden 😑) {edit}

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