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E.T.E Chronicle | Japanese

E.T.E Chronicle | Japanese

E.T.E Chronicle | Japanese



Классическая гача с мехами на китайском языке.

Нормально справляется автобой, пытается уворачиваться, набивает комбо.

Багов не замечено, арты в 3D сделаны не плохо, музыкальная составляющая сделана довольно неплохо.

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エタクロニクル E.T.E Chronicle Gameplay: https://youtu.be/LyG_4p96s20



Mecha girls!!!!!!!!!! So far from an hour of playing, the graphics and 3D models are really pretty and have good physics and pretty easy to navigate around the menu. You can also navigate the home base menu using your wiafu to run around and interact with things and get a closer feel to your waifus😍🤤 The game play is pretty fun! Depending on how you move, your camera feels up close and personal during attacks. Even though it's always moving, it feels like an ATB battle and turn based, so the always moving mechs makes it feel fast paced. Theres currently 4 different types of gameplay. 3 Air battle types. One plays similar to Kid Icarus Uprising The other 2 are top down and side scrolling shoot em ups like old school games. But those modes are only temporary and a fun touch of nostalgia. The main battle type is the ground and water modes. You can move around freely as you want and look at the battle in various ways depending on movement. I think it allows everyone to have their own perspective on how to play. There is also an exploring sub map for traveling between missions and exploring for treasure. The gacha system is a standard %1.5 rate for S tier units. Which isnt bad but it seems like its its difficult to get currency to roll 10s. Which is to be expected for a new gacha and not that many characters yet. But overall, its pretty fun for a mecha girls game. I think its the best mecha girls game yet😊

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