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Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13


Brave Exvius


well, people complain it is Japanese but its fine to me, i can read Japanese tho. this is an old game released on year 2009 on ps 3 / xbox 360, it cost like 50 usd during the time .now you can play the game by paying only 20 usd and doesn't required pc or playstation which is better compared to year 2009 . you don't actually play it on your phone(not downloading whole game) ,its like " ps now " or something like that , you send the command (in game control /command) through your phone to the server .i tried like 10 mins not bad. a bit delay ,maybe my WiFi connection not good.

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На самом деле, обычный облачный сервис. Данная игра у меня есть на ps3, и.... Все ещё не пройдена. И лучше заручитесь хорошим Wi-Fi, ведь пинговать будет просто ад. Но если вы пропустили игру, и хотите на неё посмотреть, более выгодного предложения, вам не сыскать.

sekai 23


how can i purchase this game. iam from Indonesia... all payment option is locked... please help me...

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