Street Fighter: Duel | English

Street Fighter: Duel | English

Street Fighter: Duel | English



corrupted cash grab greedy version of crunchytroll

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Benjamin Scott


First game/app I've ever given 5* on. It is very f2p friendly, very generous with rewards and getting characters. And for me, best feature is that upgrading the characters is super easy. The graphics are amazing and gameplay is simple as well. And for those having download errors/issues, there's an easy fix...move to America. P.S. CAMMY IS BEST GIRL!!! Edit: Upgrading characters slows down a bit the higher level you go, if your f2p. If your p2w, well, obviously it's still easy. Going on 2 weeks since game launch, there seems to be ALOT of p2w. But that's ok, go at your own pace. Also... CAMMY IS STILL BEST GIRL!!!



heavily injected with micro transactions and profit focused. but if you're f2p, you literally log in and do dailies and then wait until tomorrow.

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