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The Tale of Food | Global

The Tale of Food | Global

The Tale of Food | Global

Yurialisa Game Hunter


This is CBT .So far good except the voice. No JP VA. I hope after the official launch, we will get the JP voice.
Storyline also nice but Im just confused since the MC (us) says that they are from future and travel to past to get back the soul food. The future is modern era.
Before Kong got destroyed, I feel like its not even future era .Someone care to explain to me? [為什麼]

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I'm glad to see this game is finally launched English ver. ⭐Graphic and artwork is amazing. 🌌 ⭐Gameplay is perfect for people like me, who always busy. You can just start farming and doing you work at the same time. 🤔 Gacha is usual among other game of that type. 2% SSR and after 50 chance increasing by 2%. ⭐Story is good. 🙃 Resourses for gacha is hard to get. You should play events and be active at guild for weekly flames. ⭐You can change you background, music and other. Also house is beautiful, set of furniture is very detailed and cool. 🙃But I'm crying when I hear English voices, it can't compared with Japanese. English voices don't fit characters or sound rude. And I can't just change voice acting to Japanese.. Why? 😭 🤔 And remember, spoons is a power in this game. Farm is endless. You may like this game if you ready to play for a long time.



okay, how should i start.. well, the game is very beautiful and fun to play! i'm a player from the cn ver. before so i could say i had fun playing this way back then. you can pick a female or a male character from the start which you can also change for free for once after if you'd like, it's also the same for the name. the graphics of the game are so good and its live2d. the gameplay though on the other hand is also quite fun but would be better if there's a skip option because it takes way too longg at times. gacha is quite 50/50 to me or maybe i'm just unlucky most of the time LMAO but it's also fair since the food souls i got so far is great. the food soul designs is also very beautiful, i already have my favorite ones right after playing. storyline is also wholesome i can't help but feel curious every chapter [大哭] some cons of the game are the gameplay and how quite hard it is to farm some resources but it's definitely worth to try! [開心]

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