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The art isn't as cultured as I would like it, but it has a certain charm with the gameplay that keeps me going. Hard to find that in a game, however, the UI could use some improvement, it's easy to get lost even with the correct language.

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Ronan Lynch


While the graphics may not be as high quality as other games like this such as AL, they have their own unique charm and style to them that I quite enjoy. I also personally like their designs for most ship girls as compared to AL. Here is my favorite part about this game. All the ships that get voices.... SPEAK IN THEIR OWN NATIVE LANGUAGES!!!! No more Italian boats rambling in Japanese or Chinese, you get to hear their amazing voices in their proper language. While the fighting isnt very interactive, its basically an idke game when it comes to combat, this game leans heavily on the dating sim part of the game. Every ship has her own story you can go on with her. You also don't need to dump extreme amounts of gems into buying items so you can marry your favorite ships. It takes place in an alternate world WW2 where you, the player, is given the option to choose how the story progresses. When you open the game for the first time, you are told to choose between several different nations to join. Once you pick one amd get oast the tutorials, you can join a faction too. The three factions are allies, axis, and comintern. You are also immediately put intonthe league of nations. You can then decide which missions you want to complete and which missions you dont want to be in the LoN, your nation, and the faction you choose, in order to further your nations war goals. These missions act as a sort of voting mechanic for the players to choose where the story goes. Overall, amazing. I highly recommend to anyone interested in this genre.

Brian Ong


Like what others have stated it is a grind, the game has girlship thingy and the English game name is like a certain pokemon.

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