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Engage Kill

Engage Kill

Engage Kill



Another predatory and broken games from Square Enix. Good for them for always being consistent.

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Yume Kagari


hello, I need help when I open the Engage Kill game on the LDplayer 9 emulator and Bluestack Android 11 64-bit (beta) an error message appears like this "This app will be terminated because a security policy violation has been detected! [Code:00000032]”

Vinh Nguyen


a classic low budget, cash grab, make with minimum effort garbage just to take some quick money from anime fan and certainly will closed in 3-6 months (no suprise from a Square Enix's mobile game, it's their standard protocol xD) -blank UI that feel like take from a free stock website -one of the worst and laziest characters design (everyone have multi-version with multi rarity but each one only 1 character model/clothes, guess they cut modeler budget too) -animation and skill effect feel very plain and basic, like a mobile game from 2005

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