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Limbus Co quite faithfully keeps to the gameplay, story, and aesthetics style of Lobotomy Corp and LoR, their previous games - highly recommended for anyone that enjoyed those to give this a try. Combat is based off of LoR system, but out of combat necessary optimization is lower and in-combat choices more streamlined, overall making the game more approachable - a lot of strategy will still be needed into harder stages though, with a ton of depth for those loving to optimize. Although many parts of the game follow a fairly standard modern gatcha setup, you can actually completely ignore it for main story progression and play it like a traditional game, and overall it is significantly friendlier than most all other ones to players. The gatcha system is basically completely optional for main story progression, as you get a base version (identity) of all characters and a base ultimate equipment (Ego) that are actually well-balanced with some strong highlights, easily capable of clearing all content so far. Thse base identities are also limit breaked for free as you progress in story. You can also basically ignore the stamina system too. It's again optional for main story progression, especially using base identities, so you can just play whenever you want in that case. Sticking to using mostly base identities/the same identities means very little resources are needed, with what is incidentally tossed your way as you play being enough. The leveling/limit break system for building additional characters using a stamina/daily dungeon system for materials, but XP cards and an excess of bankable stamina mean it's mostly a non-issue. You get more stamina than you need, and the farming stages (will soon next patch/already) cost E-boxes which you convert stamina to and can bank forever - you can just log in average 1-2 times per day, dump stamina into E boxes, and play when you have time; then dump resources to max out an identity you decide to build. Gatcha just gives different versions (identities) that optionally replace the base identity and some different ego equipment for variety of gameplay (they are sidegrades, no *strict* upgrades for the most part) and some additional side story snippets. Characters and enemies have defined strengths and weaknesses you must account for anyways so you can't just sweep with one fixed team and definitely not one character. On the gatcha itself, you get a fair bit of rolls and a newbie banner with some guarantees right off the bat. Identity rates and pull costs with the cheapest bundles are okay compared to most. Egos can come from gatcha, but rates are extremely low, so most come from a battle pass; free one gives half of the set, and afaik a fair half too in strength. Once an identity or ego is pulled, that's it, no more dupes necessary - that insteads fits into the pity system with shards. A fair number of shards are also farmable through a weekly dungeon. Although gaining shards either way is slow, it lets you select any gatcha character/ego you want in the end, including all newly released characters. These shards can also be converted to thread, the limit break material, but is not necessary for that either.

Mario Hamilway


I'm generally turned off by the splatter, but I don't mind in this game because it fits well in the world and in the (captivating) story. I was moved by the drama and felt for the characters. The characters all have in-depth stories, though we've seen just a few so far, and all 'identities' have a mini-story for their universe. The esthetics I think are subjective, but also that there's some undeniable attention to it, and quality. This is both for graphics and audio, including voice overs. Personally I find it very cool and perfectly representing the game ambience and mood. The fights look awesome, which is good because you want to look at what's happening if you want to learn the game - which you want to, but it's a kinda steep curve and the in-game documentation only helps to a point . The gameplay is fun, I'm loving that you actually have to think. All characters are viable since team synergy is more important, though some of them are easier to use; but the game forces you to stray from the meta at times and I think it encourages using base identities. I know that the difficulty level was adjusted in the third chapter, but I don't know how and I wish that I had gotten to play it before that happened. Clearing the current story content was very intense. The final battle for me, who walked into it with just a bit of preparation, was emotionally in line with the story; I literally won with a lone surviving Sinclair and a bunch of hp. I had to retry several times but didn't get frustrated as I tend to, because it was challenging but not unfair, relying on skill and not having the rarest sinner (who knows that might have helped, but I had to dump mine to win). The daily routine is now clearing an Exp and a Threads fight, and it should hold my interest until I beat all 10 on the highest difficulty, which has probably already happened for some, but is going to take me a while. Updates with bug and balance fixes have been coming fast and steadily for now, but I'm looking forward to the next story. Update: the questionable security update seems to have been toned down, with the check on your installed apps and debugging mode gone (haven't verified but it's in the patch notes, and I haven't heard anyone say it's not true). But I heard that you can't play on a rooted device still. So the fact remains that occasionally the team comes up with ridiculous implementations, but as long as the community is active and complaining they will fix it.

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